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Horrorween 2015!

Click: Official Forum Link! Thorn’s are winding to the Arch, in more ways than one._ The inescapable madness beckons, but it has only just begun. Heralding the arrival of the Monarch most dear, The moon yawns and splits into a grin from ear to ear. Why it’s the Queen of Halloween, you dolt! If you wish […]

HoT Pre-Party: Jungle Jubilee – HoT & Ready !

Greetings citizens of Tyria! Get your hype pants on (or no pants at all like Hobo) and get ready for the Heart of Thorns release in form of a party in the Grove! Party Menu in the Grove: Games Quizzes Musical Performances: Minstrel’s Waypoint [CMAJ] on EU and musician Nefara on NA. Costume Contest Forum […]

Summertime Parts 1 & 2

Summertime Part 1 and 2! GW2 Forum link From the people that brought you the King and Queen’s Horrorween, Winter Blunderland, Hobo’s Valentine Adventure and Eeaster, Aurora glade presents two events!: Part1: Lion Around (Only EU). Welcome to Lion’s Arch, a city renowned for its unwavering ability to rise up from destruction and face the […]

Eeaster 2015

GW2 Forum Link   Eeaster 2015 (Eu servers – Saturday 4th April 2015 6pm BST/ 7pm CEST Metrica Province) The Aurora Glade PVE FUN sig & Eexa presents, Eeaster Much in the same way that Toymaker Tixx revived the Wintersday celebrations of old, Eexa has taken it upon herself to bring about a renewal of […]

Angry Bearded Hobo´s Valentine Adventure 2015

GW2 Forum Link View post on The Revenge of Angry Bearded Hobo’s Valentine Adventure Friday, 13th of February 2015, 19 CET, 6 pm GMT. From the people that brought you events like, King and Queen’s Horrorween, Winter Blunderland and Harvest Festival! We bring you, The Revenge of Angry Bearded Hobo’s Valentine Adventure, a sequel […]

Winter Blunderland 2014

GW2 Forum page Winter Blunderland 2014: The Remnants of Wintersday Past “A cold wind blows, across the hills and beyond. Carrying ill tides and evil, but also carrying hope. Let us take you back to Wintersday, and the source from which it spawned. Not this toymaker’s charade, but of a much larger scope. To face […]

Horrorween 2014

GW2 Forum Link The King and Queens Horrorween 2014 “The thirteenth hour draws closer, and a full moon is near. A shudder of terror, a quiver of fear. The Queen of Halloween visits Tyria once more. So if you are easily disturbed, best bar your door. With the king of the snowmen as her partner […]

Harvest Festival

  7:00 – Town of Nolan, Concert (Diessa Plateau) 8:10 – Waypoint to Divinity’s Reach 8:15 – Peek-a-blue 8:45 – Dance-a-thon 9:15 – Quiz 9:25 – Costume Brawl 9:45 – Lottery Draw (ppl who won will be contacted via mail after event ~~ Aurora Glade’s PvE Fun Event group presents the first Harvest Festival! Join […]

Brisban Bash

Hear ye, hear ye! Your friendly PVE Event group is glad to announce the BRISBAN BASH! This is an event to celebrate the beginning of Living Story, Season 2 and our possible venturing to Maguuma Jungle! The pre-event starts at 19:00 CEST in Lion’s Arch at Sanctum Harbor Waypoint. From there, we will go to […]

WvW basic training for PvE players

WvW basic training for PvE players!   Greetings fellow PvE heroes! It is time to take on a new adventure! Join us on the mighty battlefields of World vs. World! Come learn what to do in WvW, and have a great time with your fellow Aurora Glade players! Your teachers helping you on the battlefield: […]

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