Eeaster 2015


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Eeaster 2015
(Eu servers – Saturday 4th April 2015 6pm BST/ 7pm CEST Metrica Province)

The Aurora Glade PVE FUN sig & Eexa presents,


Much in the same way that Toymaker Tixx revived the Wintersday celebrations of old, Eexa has taken it upon herself to bring about a renewal of an ancient bookah celebration known as Easter. If it works for one genius it should work for another, shouldn’t it? It’s not as though someone would want to put a stop to Easter, after all.

Revel in the celebration of Springtime and the creatures which embody it and join us for this Spring party! It will be an Eggciting time! Join in games and quizzes to win great prizes or test your artistic flair in our forum competition.

How do I take part?
The event will be hosted by Aurora Glade on an EU megaserver on the 4th of April 2015 at 7pm BST. There will be a pre-event beginning 30 minutes earlier. All you have to do is attend the festivities and participate in the games for a chance at some wonderful prizes, including a Miniature Llama!

Help, I’m not on an EU server, or I can’t make it!
Not to worry! There are other ways to take part in the festivities. We have a fabulous art contest, and a raffle that you can join.

Cross-server contests:

The art contest
Draw a picture of Eexa or come up with a genius invention which would help her during an Easter egg hunt! (detailed descriptions of your invention and an accompanying picture/drawing encouraged)

You can use any material available to you, and you can post your art work right here in this thread. Winners will be drawn during the event. And we’ll announce the winner on the forums. Please also state your character/account name that you want us to send the prize to. And US players are highly encouraged to take part as well.

1st Place Art Winner
250 ectos

2nd Place Art Winner
50 gold

3rd Place Art Winner
30 gold

The raffle, how do I take part?
Pick a number between 1 and 100, and we’ll randomly draw five winners from that list, during the event. Just pick one number and your character name, and post in this thread which number you’ve chosen. You can’t take a number that has already been picked, and one number per account. And some folks may receive a different number automatically, if they choose a number that is already taken. Without a character name, we can’t send you the prize. Make sure you spell it right. And yes, US players can take part as well!

Schedule of Events ALL TIME IN CEST

18:30 Pre-Event: Soren Draa

19:00 Bunny Hunt

19:45 Musical performance from Minstrel’s Waypoint [Cmaj]

20:15 Main party in Rata Sum

QUIZ for entry to Eexa’s Lab



21:00 Missing Bunnies.

21:15 Costume Competition- Easter Colours Male/ Female/ Fashion Challenged

(Paint yourself colourfully like an easter egg)

21:45 Lottery and Raffle Giveaways/ Art prize.

22:00 After Party with Peekaboo

You can check us out on Twitter here:

Gallery from one of the audience: Link



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