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The Revenge of Angry Bearded Hobo’s Valentine Adventure
Friday, 13th of February 2015,
19 CET, 6 pm GMT.

From the people that brought you events like, King and Queen’s Horrorween, Winter Blunderland and Harvest Festival! We bring you, The Revenge of Angry Bearded Hobo’s Valentine Adventure, a sequel to the last years event, now with a much longer name!

Last year the lonely Angry Bearded Hobo was desperately seeking love. With the help of his exceptionally similar looking cousins he arranged a competition to find a Valentine and was overjoyed when he finally found true love.

Memories from last years event

But where is Angry Bearded Hobo’s Valentine now? He is missing from this years Valentine and we must locate him, or else Hobo will go it alone once again. Or will he? Warm your hearts amidst the cold of Hoelbrak in a tale of Love, loss, friendship, and betrayal. Drink yourself into a stupor so dizzying that pants will be forever lost to the Shiverpeaks and maidens will forsake promises to their beloved for a mere glimpse of a full, dark beard. Who will be Hobo’s Valentine this year? It could be you.

There will be..
Costume Brawl
Drinking Contests
Intelligent Quiz
Pink Fashion Contest
And an amazing story!

For the people that cannot attend, we also have something for you. This event we will also have a forum raffle and a drunk love poem contest!

Forum Raffle:
As always, there is a lottery that anyone can take part in. Simply pick a number between 1 to 100 that is not taken by anyone else. We shall draw the winning number randomly during the event, and you’ll be mailed the prize. If you pick a number that has already been taken, you will be assigned a random number. Post in this thread which number you wish to take. Only one number per account.

Drunk Love Poem Contest:
You’re not there to make Hobo’s heart beat extra fast with your magical words? Don’t be sad! You can write an amazing Drunk Love Poem and post it here in the forum topic! The person that posts the best Drunk Love Poem will win a special little prize!

So don’t miss it! Come join us on the 13th of February for an awesome party, and don’t forget to bring your favorite pink dye!

Pre-event starts at 18.30 PM CET – 5.30 PM GMT (Pre-event will be here:
18.30-19.00: Pre-event with the Mad Queen.
19.00-19.30: The Acquiring of the Hobo-family
19.30-20.00: The Revenge of the Toys.
20.00-20.30: Alcohol, Norns and Endless Parties.
20.30-21.00: The Hunt for the Jealous.
21.00-22.00: CMAJ Concert, Intelligent Drunk Love Quiz and The Choosing.
22.00-22.30: Pink Fashion Contest
22.30-Until we pass out: Afterparty!
We will be having taxis running all night for anyone that wants to get on the map. The staff members listed under here will be the taxi people. Either whisper or self-invite yourself into their party. After you are on the map, leave their party.

Staff members taxi:

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