Winter Blunderland 2014

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Winter Blunderland 2014:
The Remnants of Wintersday Past

“A cold wind blows, across the hills and beyond.
Carrying ill tides and evil, but also carrying hope.
Let us take you back to Wintersday, and the source from which it spawned.
Not this toymaker’s charade, but of a much larger scope.

To face the power of Jormag, we must embrace something that is pure.
A power that can match him. Which is ancient and can endure.
This season we must go back to the Wintersday we had.
And bring back an ancient power with an old top hat.

The bells, the bells, how they serenade and sing.
They call for their master, the Ol’ Snowman King!”

Bah humbug! What is this jolly madness, and who threw that snowball?!
Winter Blunderland is a community event, hosted by the Aurora Glade community, and exclusive to EU players. But fear not! There are other ways in which you can participate if you are on a US server, which you can read all about below! This is the second Winter Blunderland in GW2, and a follow up to this years Horrorween in many ways. It is also a continuation of the classic Wintersday from GW1.

This year Aurora Glade is taking the battle to Jormag. While the eyes of Tyria are all focused on Mordremoth and its minions, the Glade strikes back at that other foe, who slowly but surely draws near. Last year the Mad Queen brought back King Frozenwind from his frozen stasis. But in doing so we drew the attention of Jormag and its minions. To face this powerful foe, we must bring Frozenwind back to full power, by recovering the true essence of Wintersday.

Bah! It better not be when I’m trying to sleep!
The event shall be held on the 27th of December on a Saturday, in Dredgehaunt Cliffs. More information will follow, so keep an eye on this thread for the full event schedule.

Who is responsible for all this racket?!
Your hosts are Daniel Frozenwind and Mad Queen Malafide, along with the Aurora Glade Fun SIG.

Why should I care?! And stop with all that awful singing!
Attend the event, and you can win many prizes, such as the precious Mini Llama, and many other great prizes! All you need to do is attend the event, and take part in our jolly activities. And if you cannot attend, then there are still other ways in which you can participate!

Cross server activities
Regardless of what server you are on, everyone can take part in the following cross server events:

The Blunderland Caroling Contest (1 Mini Llama)
Submit a lovely Wintersday carol that would make even the ears of the Mad Queen bleed with joy! Write your own carol, and involve Aurora Glade, Daniel Frozenwind, or Mad Queen Malafide in the text (or all). The winner wins a Mini Llama, and the winning carol itself will be sung by our Wintersday carolers. You can submit the carol in any way you wish, as long as it is in this thread. You can post just the text, or post an image, or even send in a recording via MP3 or YouTube.

The Blunderland art contest (3 Mini Llama’s)
Submit a lovely Wintersday themed piece of art, including either Daniel Frozenwind, the Mad Queen, or both. Post your artwork in this thread, and the top three winners will receive a Mini Llama. For an idea what the two of them look like, see the pictures below.

The Raffle (1 Mini Llama)
As always, there is a lottery that anyone can take part in. Simply pick a number between 1 to 100 that is not taken by anyone else. We shall draw the winning number randomly during the event, and you’ll be mailed the prize. If you pick a number that has already been taken, you will be assigned a random number. Post in this thread which number you wish to take. Only one number per account.

Other Activities
For those of you that do attend the event, we have countless other activities planned for you. A detailed schedule will be revealed soon.

The Costume Contest
Dress in the spirit of Wintersday and win an amazing prize. We have prizes for best male, best female, and worst costume. No need to buy costumes from the gem store. Just mix and match your armor, and be original.

The Reindeer Rumble
This time no dolyak-race, but a reindeer-race! The Mad Queen has ensured us that this year’s race will be entirely safe, and according to her there is absolutely no chance of spontaneous reindeer combustion, like last time.

The Bridge Brawl
Another fan favorite from the Horrorween makes a wonderful return this Wintersday, and it is 100% safe and not at all likely to result in gruesome dismemberment or horrible falling accidents.

The Hunt for Wintersday Past
King Frozenwind and the Mad Queen shall take you on an epic journey to recover the remnants of Wintersday past. But their exact plans are shrouded in cheerful mystery.

For the safety of the nose of one of our hosts, you are requested to leave any bunnies at home. It makes him rather jumpy.




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