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The King and Queens Horrorween 2014

“The thirteenth hour draws closer, and a full moon is near. A shudder of terror, a quiver of fear. The Queen of Halloween visits Tyria once more. So if you are easily disturbed, best bar your door. With the king of the snowmen as her partner in crime, she hosts her annual party that is simply sublime!”

“The Horrorween is soon upon us, so look alive. For the Mad King arrives with his most devious wife. And though the Arch lies in ashes, its ruins do not forget. The Horrorween is an event you will not regret. So wake up the dead, and open each grave. Unleash the spirits, no one is safe!”

Welcome to the King and Queens Horrorween!
(On Aurora Glade, Lion’s Arch, 24th of October, starting at 7PM CEST)

US players, please see below how you can participate!

What is this sorcery?
The King and Queens Horrorween is the oldest event in the history of Guild Wars. It has been held for over 250 years plus one. Mad Queen Malafide is the only wife of the Mad King that has managed to survive his deadly pranks, and she returns every Halloween for this tradition. Daniel Frozenwind, her loyal co-host, is the King of the Snowmen. He guards Grenth’s Hall of Judgement, so that Dhuum may never escape… and he also throws a jolly party!

In the wake of the destruction of Lion’s Arch, many lives were lost. All Hallow’s Eve is a special time, when the spirits rise from their graves once again. This is the time to honor those spirits.

During the event we will be handing out exclusive Minipet Llama’s! You can win them both with our cross server, and in-game activities!

How do I take part?
The event shall be held on Aurora Glade, in Lion’s Arch, on the 24th of October, starting at 7PM CEST! All you do is attend, and take part in the festivities, and you can win fabulous prizes.

Help, I’m not on an EU server, or I can’t make it!
Not to worry! There are other ways to take part in the festivities. We have a fabulous art contest, and a raffle that you can join.

Cross-server contests:
The art contest
Draw a picture of either Mad Queen Malafide, Daniel Frozenwind, or both!
(See picture of what they look like below)
You can use any material available to you, and you can post your art work right here in this thread. Winners will be drawn during the Horrorween. And we’ll announce the winner on the forums. Please also state your character/account name that you want us to send the prize to. And US players are highly encouraged to take part as well.

First place winner:
A highly prized and rare Aetherblade Rifleskin, valued at over 400 gold! + a Minipet Llama!
Second place winner:
100 gold + a Minipet Llama!
Third place winner:
50 gold + a Minipet Llama!

The raffle, how do I take part?
Pick a number between 1 and 500, and we’ll randomly draw five winners from that list, during the event. Just pick one number and your character name, and post in this thread which number you’ve chosen. You can’t take a number that has already been picked, and one number per account. And some folks may receive a different number automatically, if they choose a number that is already taken. Without a character name, we can’t send you the prize. Make sure you spell it right. And yes, US players can take part as well! The winners get a Minipet Llama!

In-game activities

Spooktastic Costume Contest
This year we have another costume contest of course. Our ghastly group of judges will be lending their dark votes to this tradition. Best male, female, and worst costume win special prizes, such as Minipet Llamas and maybe something exclusive from the gem store! Dress your spookiest!

In-game lottery
We have a big special prize in store for the people of Tyria (but it is a secret, and anyone who knew about the prize has been buried alive). Simply attend the event to have a shot at this prize.

Pre-Event Schedule
17.30 -18.30: Holofide pre-event & meet and greets
Event Schedule
19.00: Grand Opening
19.30: [Insert name] Town / McKryta Food set’s up shop
20.00: Hulk Musters / Tonic rush / Graveyard Quiz
20.30: Belcher’s Bluff Challenge / Riddles / Last is First / Mime
21.00: The Summoning of the Ghostly Quartet – The Trick-Or-Treat Adventure!
21.30: The Attire of Autumnal Awesome / Graveyard Quiz
22.00: Wack-A-Golem / Graveyard Quiz
22.30: Dolyak Derby / Graveyard Quiz
23.00: Bridge Brawl / Trivia
23.30: Pumpkin Bob /Graveyard Quiz
00.00: The Amazing Swan-dive / Frozenwind Says / Graveyard Quiz
00.30: Mad King Thorn (Art Contest / Raffle / Lottery / Community Spirit Awards!)
1.00: Tonic Sync / Wickerwind Bonfire!

Help, I’m a mesmer
Well, no one is perfect.

I want candy
Have some toothbrushes and this rotten apple.

What’s in this soup?
Just some stuff my minions found around the dungeon.

Why can’t I feel my legs?
Legs for sale! Get your legs!





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