Harvest Festival



7:00 – Town of Nolan, Concert (Diessa Plateau)
8:10 – Waypoint to Divinity’s Reach
8:15 – Peek-a-blue
8:45 – Dance-a-thon
9:15 – Quiz
9:25 – Costume Brawl
9:45 – Lottery Draw (ppl who won will be contacted via mail after event


Aurora Glade’s PvE Fun Event group presents the first Harvest Festival!
Join us to bid farewell to Summer and welcome Autumn, and to enjoy of Fun Stuff, Music & Games.

Saturday 20th of September, 7 pm CEST (6 pm BST, 8 pm EEST)

Diessa Plateau (1st part) & Divinity’s Reach (2nd part).

*Live Music Performance = The Traveling Bobos & Minstrel’s Waypoint [Cmaj]
*Harvest Lottery
*Minigames with prizes

If your feet got the urge to dance & party already, please sign up to the event calendar Here!

Sincerely, Your PvE FUN crew*

*Formed of a Small crew of Aurora Glade players.

Updated for Event Program


AG Forum Link , Reddit link, Video 1

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