Brisban Bash


Hear ye, hear ye!

Your friendly PVE Event group is glad to announce the BRISBAN BASH!

This is an event to celebrate the beginning of Living Story, Season 2 and our possible venturing to Maguuma Jungle!

The pre-event starts at 19:00 CEST in Lion’s Arch at Sanctum Harbor Waypoint. From there, we will go to Aurora’s Remains in Brisban Wildlands (so please make sure you have your waypoints ready up there), where there will be some quizzes, contests, drinking and generally having a good time. A TS room for the event will also be available.

The whole event will last until the patch rolls up, or until everyone leaves.

The special part and the main point of the celebration will be the Brisban Bash itself. What is it? Please see for yourselves, Aurora Gladers!


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