WvW basic training for PvE players


WvW basic training for PvE players!


Greetings fellow PvE heroes! It is time to take on a new adventure! Join us on the mighty battlefields of World vs. World! Come learn what to do in WvW, and have a great time with your fellow Aurora Glade players!

Your teachers helping you on the battlefield:
Angry Bearded Hobo, Adda Sanequeen, Eexa, Mad Queen Malefide and some familiar Aurora Glade WvW commanders!

What will happen on this Glorious Day?
You will receive Basic WvW Training, in form of Exciting Events on the battlefield.
– How to Follow Commander
– “What’s Siege?”
– Putting Enemy Dolyaks to Sleep
– This camp is ours!
– Keep the Keep.
– And “Easter Eggs” for our hard working students.

We will be in AG TeamSpeak!

Everyone is welcome, everyone who wants to get to know some WvW basics.( even non pve’rs ;D)

Hosted and Sponsored by Aurora Glade PvE Fun Special Interest Group!

Be there, or else.. no beard songs & great times for you!

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